Why EyeCON ?
We are unique in providing modern eye care. With us you will have the facility to be ...
  • examined by multiple super-speciality eye surgeons
  • educated about your disease using 3D animated computer models ...
  • diagnosed using High tech. Modern equipment
  • Operated in safe and comfortable environment using modern technology
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Welcome to EYEcon

Consultant Group Practice

EyeCON is a bonding that started off with the aim to provide trustworthy, highly skilled, modern and affordable eye care services to the community. It groups consultants having busy patient schedules and super fine skills in eye surgery. We believe in the best of the best for our valued patients. You can expect from us:  

  • Super-Speciality level of eye care from skilled surgeons
  • Reasonable allotted time for every patient to examine, explain and advise
  • Use of most modern techniques & equipment for best outcome

EyeCON is the right place if what you seek is a personalised care for your eye health.
That is why we say, “See Us Today to See Better” !

Cataract Surgery

Clouded natural lens can be sucked out & synthetic clear lens replaced with modern stitch-less surgery .

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Squint & Oculoplastics

Crossed Eyes, cosmetic Lid procedures, Tumors and treatment of watery eyes

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LASER Eye Surgery

Permanent removal of glasses is possible with PRK/LASIK/LASEK LASER eye surgery.

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Painless stealer of vision. Those above 45 need check-up. Treated with drops, LASER & Surgery.

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Retina Surgery

Retinal Detachment, Eye Bleeds, Trauma, Lens drop, Macula issues, LASERS & Injections

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Cornea Transplant

lost transparency of eye, can be restored with clear donor tissue recovering vision in an otherwise normal eye.

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Major Clinical


EyeCON consultants are trained at LRBT and all have a good grasp in clinical diagnosis. The team is thoroughly trained in wide range of surgical procedures with a considerably low complication rate.  

Important Static

reflecting overall clinical exposure of the EyeCON team …

Super-Speciality Surgery
Who is at EyeCON?

Meet Consultants

  • Dr. M. Hannan Jamil

    FRCS (Glasg.), FCPS, FCPS (Vitreo-Retina)

    Substantial medical & surgical experience in eye. Sub-speciality trained in Vitreo-Retina. Currently heading an LRBT hospital in Lahore.

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What is senile Cataract ? How is it treated ?

Cataract is the natural clouding of the eye lens with age. As it gradually transforms from a transparent structure into an opaque one it progressively diminishes the amount of light that can enter and stimulate the Retina (back of eye, that bears similarity to photographic film in a camera). This results in perceiving faded colors, glares, hazy view, inability to read or no vision at all.

The corrective treatment is only surgical which is called Phaco-Emulsification. The clouded lens is broken into tiny pieces with ultrasound probe and sucked out through a very tiny cut. In its place a clear synthetic inert Lens is fixed inside the eye. This results in immediate restoration of vision.

Do wearing wrong powered glasses or not wearing them if one is prescribed, results in further weakening in vision ?

No. This can only result in bury vision, headache or discomfort for that moment at the maximum. Inability to see far objects (short-sightedness) if present, can increase (requiring stronger minus glasses) as you age till it stabilizes when you reach around 18 to 21 years. Therefore this is the age when your doctor can safely perform a LASER removal of glasses. During these year, whether you wear wrong powered glasses or do not wear them at all, is not going to effect if your prescription is going to increase or not.

Do all patients with Diabetes need to see an Eye Doctor ?

Yes. All diabetics, specially those with poor control eventually develop poor blood flow throughout the body including eyes. This bring about structural changes particularly in the back of eye (Retina) which an eye doctor can see with special lenses. while these changes begin to appear does not necessarily mean that the patient is going to experience a change in vision. Nevertheless if this process continues unchecked a permanent and severe vision loss may result. It is therefore necessary that a patient with diabetes (controlled / uncontrolled) should see an Eye doctor at least once a year. Only then the doctor would be in a position to take timely corrective measures when necessary.

My child squints. Does he need surgery ?

Not necessarily. majority of the childhood squints settle with mere correct prescription of glasses and eye muscle exercises.

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